Portable Gas Stove For Camping

One of the fundamental equipments for camping is the portable gas stove. Its use dates back during the 19th century, the time when it was first invented. Presently, there are many types and models to select from which you can use for your own convenience. Some time ago, the only fuel for portable gas stoves is kerosene. Due to safety reasons, other fuels were developed such as butane and propane.  Companies such as Coleman, a highly popular American company that …

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Basic Camping Cooking Tips


Cooking in the great outdoors isn’t that much different than cooking in your kitchen at home.  You just need the right equipment and some preparation ahead of time.  An outdoor grill or camp stove is a necessity on your camping checklist, along with the proper cookware and utensils; once you have all these things together, all you need to do is a little planning and some preparation before you leave home and you will be eating very well on your …

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