What to Look for in a Used Camper Van


Are you planning on hitting the road and camping?  Want to have a bit more comfort than a tent will provide,  and some additional convenience over a folding camper?  Why not look into a used camper van? Camper vans are a great way of cutting the costs of a family vacation.   New campervans are expensive so it is a good idea to look around for a used camper van. You will probably see used camper vans advertised in your local paper …

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The Diesel Heater Preferred for Camper Vans

More campers and people who live in mobile homes are turning to the diesel heater for the source of their heating these days. While there is still not a lot of use for a diesel heater in the home, they are quite popular with those who love to be mobile. There are certain benefits to using a diesel heater, which make them an ideal choice for those living in mobile homes and those who love to travel with their camper …

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