Folding Tent Camper

Folding Tent Camper Reviews Heres a review with quite a good variety if youre looking for style info for the folding tent camper.  These models offer a wide variety of options, and the ease of towing is impressive.  Watch this folding tent camper review video:

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Minimate Folding Motorcycle Camper

Why sleep on the ground? Heres a super suggestion the Minimate folding motorcycle camper! The MiniMate folding motorcycle camper is a little bitty dynamo that packs a punch!  It weighs in at only 265 pounds (empty), has 15 cubic feet of storage you can get to without having to set up the camper, and a whopping 66 of headroom!  The MiniMate folding camping trailer can be pulled behind a variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, trikes, cars, trucks and vans.  …

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Folding Trailer in A Bag

Camping with a motorcycle? You might find it more convenient to tow the motorcycle. The folding Trailer In A Bag is an excellent solution! Not sure what a trailer in a bag is? Watch this brief video on YouTube for a demonstration. The Trailer in a bag is a folding motorcycle trailer that is easy to fold down while not in use. It sets up quickly and is the perfect quick and lightweight motorcycle folding trailer to tow the motorcycle.

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