A 4 Man Tent for Every Situation

Whether camping at the nearest state park or roughing it in the wilderness, there is a 4 man tent for every situation. These items come in a variety of shapes and materials. What a camper selects will depend on personal preference and where the structure will be used. Most products manufactured today are made of a lightweight, yet durable nylon. They are usually water resistant, though many people reinforce the seams with some type of waterproofing substance. A fly roof …

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3 Man Tents- A Woman’s Perspective

Finding a suitable tent for a camping trip is crucial. A woman has different needs for the ideal camping trip. A tent is not just a tent. There are certain features that have to be considered when buying a functional tent for women. One would be to ask if there is sufficient headroom for the people who would be sleeping inside. Women tend to want personal space and a 2 man tent is not enough. 3 man tents and 4 …

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The Advantages of a Three Man Backpacking Tent

The capacity of people it can accommodate and the quality of the design determine the price range of a tent. You can opt for 6 man tents or a single person tent dependant on your needs. It is preferable to invest in a tent that is easily collapsible so that you can effortlessly roll it and fit it inside a backpack. Another thing to keep in mind when buying a tent is that it should have enough room to suit your …

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Camp Well With a Dome Tent

A dome tent provides plenty of space for camping. When you are camping in an area that doesnt have room for your folding camper, or need to walk in to your favorite streamside site, the dome tent is a great option. Its design is highly desirable for many reasons. A rounded top makes it more difficult to blow over, which is helpful when storms and high winds come unexpectedly.  This shape helps water roll off more easily when it rains, …

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Cheap Tents and Money Saving Camping Tips


Some people don’t get to go camping as often as they’d like to due to the costs of outdoor adventures. After all, there are considerable costs associated with camping from the money it takes to get the proper equipment to registering for a good campsite. When everything is all added up a camping trip can cost a small family of four a tidy sum. The good news is that there are many handy ways you can save money on certain …

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Dome Tents Provide the Most Versatile Camping Experience


Look for a tent in any sporting goods or outdoors store on Main Street, and youre almost guaranteed to find an incredible variety in the selection.  Youll find tee-pee pyramid tents, minimalist bivies, and traditional backpacking A Frames, all of which are great constructions in their own right, but what youll likely see in the majority are dome tents. Dome tents tend to look exactly like their name entails theyre shaped like a dome make sense!  This breed …

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