How Does Buying a Used Travel Trailer Help Save You Money

When you buy a new trailer, you are going to pay a premium for a lot of things.  The fact that your travel trailer for sale is going to cost you something and the fact that no one has ever slept in it is also going to cost something.  Travel trailers will lose between 25% and 30% of their value in the first year.   As soon as you drive the trailer off of the dealers lot, it is 10% of its value. Another reason why a travel trailer might lose so much of its value is because it is overpriced.  Most of the time, dealers have a high margin on every travel trailer that they sell.

If you are looking in getting a great deal on new RVs or travel trailers, then you are better off trying to find and buy them as used RVs or used travel trailers.  I read somewhere recently that most millionaires dont buy new cars.  This is because they understand that a new car will surely lose a lot of value during the first one or two years of ownership.  If you can buy an RV that is three years old and that is like in its new condition, you will often pay only half as much for this vehicle.  If you are trying to buy a $100,000 motor home but only have $50,000 to spend, youre better off looking for a three-year-old motor home that is like new and save yourself $50,000.  Not only that, you will also save yourself money when you go to sell your motor home.  If you held onto the motor home or travel trailer for three years, and that you bought for it for $50,000, you could probably eventually sell it for $30,000 or $35,000. This means that rather than using $50,000 worth of it, youre only going to lose about $15,000 even though you are going to own and use the travel trailer just as much.

Another good reason why you should buy a used travel trailer or RV for sale by owner rather than buying a new one is that when you buy one that is already used, you are more likely to afford it and also you can buy it with cash.  If you have to finance something when you buy the RV, then you cant really afford it anyway. By paying cash in buying a motor home will save yourself as much interest because you wont have to make interest payments every month on your RV or travel trailer.

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