How to Sell You Travel Trailer in Less Than Six Weeks

While there is no definite guarantee that you will be able to sell your travel trailer in less than six weeks, this article will give you some helpful hints to enable you to sell it faster and hopefully get more for when you do sell it.

The first thing you should do to help you sell your travel trailer in less than six weeks is to make sure you have advertised it in five different locations.  Some of the most common locations include print advertising. You can also increase your advertising pool to include it in free online classified ads and journals.  Sometimes you can also let your friends and family know that you are selling a travel trailer for sale by owner.  Often, you can sell your travel trailer faster when more people know it is for sale.  In addition, I think you should get large for sale signs. Put one sign in front of the travel trailer and another one at the back.  Park your motor home next to a busy street or intersection.  This will not only allow you to find people that are interested, but more importantly it will allow them to find you.  I know a lot of people who have had success using this method to sell their used RV. Make sure that people who drive can see the sign and will call you when theyre ready to buy a used RV for sale by owner.

The last area where you can and should advertise is at a park and sell lot.  This is basically a lot where a owners get together and decide that they are going to park their RVs together so that they can attract more buyers and sell them faster.  A park is also a great place to go if you want to try and save yourself a little bit of money.

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