Why Is It a Better Deal to Buy a Used RV, Motor home or Travel Trailer Than Buy a New One?

If you want to save money when you buy an RV, you definitely dont want to buy one that is new.  When you buy a new RV, you get ripped off a lot of money.  First of all you can only buy these from a dealership, and the dealerships already charge 40% of the invoice.  In addition, RVs tend to decline rapidly and after the first three years of ownership.  You can lose up to 50% of the value of your RV during the first three years.  Imagine if you had waited 3 years to buy that same RV.  You can file for half the price.  If the average life of a trailer is 15 years, this means you get nine years use out of an RV travel trailer or rather than three years for the same price.  In addition, when you buy used RV you are more likely to be able to pay cash and even if you cant pay cash, youll be a will pay more soon. This will happen if you apply for a loan in a bank or credit union.  As soon as you have your RV or travel trailer paid off, it will feel different for you.  You will be able to enjoy much more because you will not have to make your monthly payment.

There is definitely a reason why most millionaires prefer to buy used cars rather than new ones.  New cars not only cost more, but they are more of a liability and they are a higher risk.  People can get just the same amount of benefit if they buy a car that is like new rather than buying one that is new.

When you buy a used RV for sale by owner, a lot of times, all of the little quirks can work themselves out and can be fixed.  This means that sometimes you may even have a better working RV when you buy used.  Another advantage of buying RVs for sale by owner is that there are so many different types of owners out there, that you can find much better deal.  Especially if you find owners that are motivated to sell quickly, you can save a lot more than just the difference between the private party bluebook and the dealer value.  Often you can buy motor homes from motivated sellers for 20% or 30% less than the bluebook value.

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