Why Is it Better to Buy a Motor Home than a Travel Trailer?

One of the best ways to get a good deal on used RVs or travel trailers for sale is to buy your next RV or motor home from a private party seller.  There are a lot of reasons why you should buy a motor home rather than a travel trailer.  Even though a motor home seems like it is more expensive, you do not have to tow a car when you drive your motor home.  This means that you will get less wear and tear on your tires because you will not have to haul them behind your motor home.  Also if you own a motor home, you dont have to own a truck.  A lot of people buying travel trailer, and then they realized that they really need a 4 x 4 heavy-duty to haul that trailer around.  So their trailer ends up costing them a lot more than they originally thought.

A third reason why you would want to own the motor home is that most motor homes are significantly larger than travel trailers.  Most motor homes have their own generator so you can actually go boom docking for much longer if you wanted to.  With a travel trailer, a lot of them just have batteries.  When your batteries are charged, your trailer tents work just fine, but as soon as your batteries die, you have a much harder time.

A fourth reason why motor homes are better is because they can provide you more protection against the elements than a travel trailer.  Unlike most travel trailers, a motor home comes with a heater and air conditioner.  Also, it usually comes with a much larger shower and room to sleep 2 to 4 extra people.  I think that a travel trailer is designed for people who are on a budget or trying to save money, and a motor home is designed specifically for people who are trying to enjoy their life.  If you spend some time looking around, you can find great deals on motor homes for sale by owner.  You can probably even buy a used motor home for the same price or less than a new travel trailer.

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