Workamper Jobs for Full Time Rvrs

Im thinking about going full time rving and I found out there is an employment site for people like me its called Its a membership site that helps you prepare your presentation for employment on the road, and it has listings for jobs too. Lots of their members are in their 50s and 60s, like me, but some are also younger or older too. It helps people to get an employment boost while on the road.  Workamper jobs are typically at resorts, with outdoors activities, but there are so many different opportunities, you just cant imagine. You can find seasonal workamper jobs too. Ive even heard of the Amazon fulfullment center hiring workampers for the Christmas part time job season, you just never know!


And this is good too, it helps you stay connected to other people. Workamper is a very professional site, and its got a well run forum, also. If you sleep in your camper and work full time, part time or volunteer your time, you ARE a Workamper! They have educational tools to be able to hone your resume.

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